IntelliScreenX: A Must-Have Jailbreak App for iOS 5

Most of you might recognize this name, Intellibron, when you hear it. That is if you have been in the jailbreaking community for a while. For you who do not know, they are the group that are responsible for popular jailbreak utilities. For example, MyWi and My3G. And now they have finally got the jailbreak for the iOS 5.

The utility is named IntelliScreenX, and it works by sitting in the new Notification Center found in the latest iOS update. Below you can see it in action the video provided to us by youtubers.

We find it amazing the number of features that the developers have packed into the IntelliScreenX. You can do everything from read full emails, to send and reply to tweets, all from within the utility in your Notification Center. All this and you also can lock screen your device. We hear that a beta version will be available in a few days. So we are standing on our toes waiting for it. We should see the version available in Cydia in the next  few days or next week.

Via idownloadblog


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