iOS 5 Improved Speed Performance on iPhone 4 and iPad 2

The iOS 5 has just been released.Take a look at the chart below. What do you see? That’s right! It is showing how the speed has improved wit the new iOS 5 as compared to the previous iOS 4. The fastest number in each catogory is written in green and as you can see the iOS 5 is faster in all catogaries all except two, where the i0S 4.2.1 beats it. This was for the first generation iPad. It was GigaOM that made this chart using GeekBench, Gague, BenchTest, and SunSpider, to compare many later versions of iOS 4 to iOS 5.

If we remember back to last year when the iOS 4 was first released and we compared it to the iOS 3, we did not see such drastic changes in the speed and especially if you upgraded from the 3GS you could tell that there was a lot of issues and bugs in the speed and other areas of the iOS4. However since the release of the iOS 4 improvements have been made as they go along.

Our hats go off to Apple for being able to provide these types of speeds all in one release, and now one can only expect things to get better as new updates come out.

Below is the chart for the iPad 2 :

Again the iOS 5  is faster in most areas and only misses out on one. It is really pretty amazing and you could nearly say that the iOS 5 is pretty much perfect when it comes to its speed. We can’t wait to see what Apple has to offer next.

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