iOS 6’s Maps and its negative reactions

With the new iOS 6 already released, reviews touching up on its featured highlights have come out, with a significant portion of those dedicated in negatively shedding some light on its Maps software features.

With rumors talking about Google Maps for iOS submissions circulating some days past, that same rumor has been pegged to be fraudulent, something which Jim Dalrymple of The Loop is said to have “confirmed”.
ios 6
In The Loop website, Dalrymple said a flat out “No”, in reaction to certain claims telling of Google Maps for iOS 6 having been sent to Apple for their review and evaluation purposes.

Given Dalrymple’s extensive connections, his statement is considered to be good as fact.

Rumors related to Google Maps for iOS 6 came in the wake of Maps’ inability to deliver features which users had found functional and useful in Google Maps , with Apple’s Maps released in conjunction with the iOS 6’s official rollout this week.

With Apple’s Maps being one of the iOS 6’s more important features, a lot of attention had been directed its way, given the fact that it was positioned to take the spot of Google Maps,

Given the fact that Google Maps has been around longer than Apple’s Maps (which came out by 2007), iOS device users have found Maps in the iOS 6 lacking. Talk have been rife that Apple is currently working on enhancing Maps’ features, by hiring new engineers whose focus is to enhance its working pretexts and dynamics.

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