iOS App Screenshots locked after submissions, to prevent scams

Apple recently updated its App Store policy, now implementing a new set of protocols geared towards preventing the incidence of scams and fraudulent advertisements, promotions and online activities.

One such policy update takes shape in how app submission screenshots are now going to be locked after their approval, leaving developers the capacity to change screenshots during their app’s update phase and not anytime in between.

The move in tightening App Store’s security policies comes after reports noting that there are a number of fraudulent apps in App Store, apps which sport fake screenshots over an app’s actual look and feel.

A report from Mashable cites “Mooncraft” as an example, where a cone of the game Minecraft utilizes a different set of screenshots in marketing or advertising the app as a product. Needless to say, the setup has effectively lured unwary purchasers into buying the app, thinking they were getting Minecraft but got a different title instead.

While the new App Store policy is geared to curb questionable app activities and advertisements in App Store, it does bode certain restrictions in how developers could market or endorse their products.

With the new policy, an honest developer would have to go through a more extensive process in uploading screenshots of their product, as opposed to the quick easy methods developers have become accustomed to with the old App Store policy.

Either way, the move is geared for better security and enhanced App Store experiences, which doesn’t make it altogether bad.

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