iPad 2 jailbreak is Finally Released (Beta Version)

As reported a few minutes ago, Comex is very close to the release of 3.0 JailbrekMe and on the web has made ​​its appearance a video that demonstrates the operation of the iPad 2 . At end of the article can also find the link to run the jailbreak of the iPhone OS 4.3.0 with your iPad 2 .

One of the beta testers have posted it on YouTube the process that can unlock the tablet with the subsequent installation of Cydia .

Here’s the video in question:

It ‘almost certainly a later release of the tool this weekend. We will keep you updated in the event of further news.

If you just want to try the beta start and run the PDF “special” comex. It works only on iPhone OS 4.3.0 for the moment. Here is the link to download and then to jailbreak: http://ryanlobbins.com/Saiz/saffron/iPad_4.3_8F191.pdf

NOTE : It ‘a very beta version is not compatible with all versions of iPad 2 (seems to work only on WiFi models) and that may not be able to perform the jailbreak, only causing a crash in Safari. We do not recommend to try it unless you have enough knowledge about the operation in general and the jailbreak.The official and final should be released soon so it could be a right move to continue to wait.

JailbreakMe final will be compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch

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