iPad 2s are NOW Being Offered For Streaming Moving by Qantas Airlines

A six week trial program has been launched by Qantas Airlines, where passengers will be offerend iPad 2 to be used for the time of the flight. They can use it for streaming movies over in-flight Wi-Fi. Passengers will be able to use a pre-loaded ‘Q Streaming’ app to view movies, they will have a choice of five Wi-Fi access points available.

This trial will take place on Boeing 767-300 that has up to 254 passengers. An interesting question now arises, with that number of iPads being used will five access points be enough?

At the end of the trial Qantas will offer the ‘Q Streaming’ app to passengers so that they can download it to their own iOS devices. If this trial is a success this trial will be applied across their whole fleet.


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