iPad 3 Launching in March 2012 (Rumor)

We had heard rumors about Apple’s yet to be announced device, the iPad 3. These rumors stated that it will have a redesigned dock connector, other sources have stated that we should expect the device to be released sometimes in March 2012.

Macotakara, the popular Japanese site, reported from their reliable sources that the iPad 3 will be released at the above date. Which is if you remember the same month the iPad 2 was released.

These sources also stated that the new iPad 3 will have the same size as the iPad 2 its predecessor, but we still are unsure of what other features the iPad 3 is expected to have.

Macotakara quoted:

New iPad seems to have re-designed dock connector. Dock’s 30-pins and electricity specification will not be changed, but shape will be more smaller than current “iPad dock connector”, which has released April 2003. New Dock connector design will bring compatibility problem with current dock connecting products.

On the other hand there have been other rumors stating that there will be another iOS device released with the iPad 3, but we have not yet been told what it will be. And so the anticipation begins.

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