iPad 3 Features Batteries

ipad 2 battery

On August 19th we has reported iPad 3 will be released on 2012 confirmed from Apple , there is many features on iPad 3 that compared to iPad 2 .. samples : iPad 3 Designs ( Look Like ), Batteries and  HD Display .

Cult of Mac Reported :

It’s already insane how thin an iPad 2 is — even thinner than the iPhone 4 — but come 2012, you’re about to see them get a lot thinner, thanks to some svelte battery packs that should shave up to 30% off the total footprint of the iPad 3.

With the upcoming iPad 3 to feature a thinner, lighter battery module that is widely believed to be priced 20-30% higher than iPad 2’s, Simplo Technology Co. and Dynapack International Technology Corp., both Apple Inc.’s contract suppliers of iPad and Macbook battery packs, will hence secure a surefire profit drive for the near future.

Here’s photos of iPad 3 .

Institutional investors pointed out that the battery pack for iPad 3, scheduled to be massively produced in the first quarter of next year, has been redesigned to be thinner and lighter with a longer service life than iPad 2 edition’s/

The next generation iPad is expected to feature a high resolution display – 2048 by 1536 compared with 1024 by 768 in the iPad 2 – and Apple’s suppliers have already shipped small quantities of components for the sampling of the iPad 3. Suppliers said Apple has placed orders for a 9.7-inch screen device.

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