iPad 4 Schematic Diagrams Released

As the last quarter of 2012 has proven to be quite a gadgets release period for Apple, the brand recently posted schematic diagrams or drawings of its next iPad incarnation, the iPad 4.

To come in cellular-capable and Wi-Fi-only capable versions, the release of the diagrams comes after the unveiling and announced launch of the iPad Mini, the scaled-down version of the iPad measuring some 7 inches in size.

iPad 4 Schematic Diagrams Released
Released on Apple’s Developer site, the featured diagrams don’t really give out detailed information about the iPad 4, just as the released diagrams of the iPhone 5 didn’t do the same when it was published in the same online venue last September.

Apart from unveiling the iPad Mini, whose pre orders are announced to be open by Friday, Apple had also recently announced its next generation 13 inch MacBook Pro, featuring a new Retina Display, along with the availability of its new iMac.

Given the time frame between the iPhone 5 diagram posting and its release, speculations from different online watchguards are inclined to believe that an iPad 4 may just roll out before the year ends, or by early 2013.

As the iPad 3 was released early this year, its official roll out didn’t exactly draw a lot of attention, not like how the iPhone 5 did.

Either way, as the iPhone 5 already came out, the iPad Mini was the next anticipated iDevice. Now that the iPad Mini is out, the iPad 4 is now on the spotlight.

What’s next, only time would reveal.

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