iPad Bible App used in swearing in Atlantic City Firefighters

While it is true that tablets and smartphones have significantly become mainstay everyday essential electronic communication items, their presence is also noted to be found in situations where they take the place of more traditional, established mainstays.

A report from NBC 40 tells about the swearing in of Atlantic City firefighters, with their induction ceremonies celebrated without the use of a traditional Bible but with the use of a digital bible running on an iPad.

ACFD promotees sword in with iPad app

As the story goes, it is revealed that those present during the ceremonies failed to bring a Bible with them. Luckily, someone present during the occasion had an iPad with a Bible app installed, which was then used as part of the oath taking ceremonies.

It is unclear if the said Bible App was already installed in the iPad or if the app had been downloaded just to serve as a proxy to a traditional, printed and bound Bible.

It is also unclear if the said oath taking ceremony is the first to actually make use of an iPad with a Bible app installed, but as newsbits come, it is evident that the new firefighters swore their oaths, with each of their hands place on top of the iPad with the Bible app running.

During the ceremony Jeffery Bird, James Gillespie and Joseph Daily were promoted to the rank of Fire Captian, while Allen Huggins, Joseph Haney, Thomas Culleny Jr, Angelo DeMiao and William Brooks were promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief.

Think there’ll be more oath taking ceremonies where an iPad-Bible App would take the place of a real bible?

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