iPad Case maker “reports” the upcoming release of the iPad 5

Just like clockwork, rumors revolving around the next iPad iteration, the iPad 5, have once again come up, in tune with the anticipated release of the product this year.

One of the most recent rumors in circulation is reported to come from an iPad Case maker, as revealed in a feature published by Business Insider.

iPad 5Based on the report, the next gen full-sized iPad is forecasted to bear similar design elements found in the iPad Mini.

Given that cases geared for a particular product are generally tailor-made to accommodate the overall size and design directive of the product they are supposed to protect, the newsbit has, understandably, gained significant attention.

The report reveals a photo of the alleged iPad 5 case, and based on its overall design, it is noted that the next gen iPad will most likely sport a thinner form factor and tighter or smaller side-bezels. These general form distinctions are noted to be found in the iPad Mini, essentially giving everyone who comes by the news an idea on just how the iPad 5 would look like.

But as popular as this particular “iPad 5 rumor” is, it has to be said that accessories and peripherals makers aren’t widely considered to be reliable sources of leaks and rumors.

Still, should the next iPad bear similar design and size factors with the iPad Mini, it can’t really be all that bad. The iPad Mini is still an Apple-made product, and it to see the iPad 5 bearing similar design conventions cant’ really be all that an earth shattering thing to see.

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