iPad Mini already sold out

As pre orders for the new iPad Mini opened last Friday, reports of the said new tablet being already sold out have been rife, with the Apple Store now informing prospective purchasers that its 16GB version will be available in the next two weeks.

Given how suspicions on how the device’s sales figures would rake in, the iPad Mini’s sold out news comes as a surprise to many, as the scaled-down iPad’s price and overall feature sets can be best described as not really all that.

iPad Mini already sold out
The iPad Mini was launched early last week, with its unveiling being an anticlimactic event of sorts, what with all the rumors and leaks surrounding the device turning out to be mostly spot on.

Essentially a 7 inch variation of the iPad, the iPad Mini is powered by an A5 processor, to the processor found in the iPad 2, and is set to come in Wi-Fi only and cellular-capable variants. With its cellular-capable version to come with LTE support, word of its availability has not yet been made official, only that the device will be available by mid November.

Apart from featuring its smaller size factor, the iPad Mini also doesn’t come with Apple’s already famous Retina display, bearing a 4:3 screen aspect ratio scaled to a 1024 x 768 screen resolution. iOS 6 driven, the tablet also comes with Apple’s new Lighting Connector port, defining it as one of Apple’s newest releases for 2012.

As the device had already sold out, opinions over the matter have touched up on Apple not actually forecasting a strong demand for the product. Either way, as its pre orders would indicate, it appears that the availability of the iPad Mini’s 16GB white version had already run out.

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