“iPad Mini” reported to be available by November 2

Already described to be a major game changer in the mobile gadget industry, the highly anticipated “iPad Mini” by Apple is reported to be available by November 2 this year.

A report from TechCrunch attributes a source indicating that the “iPad Mini” will already be found in retail outlets and online purchase portals roughly a week after its reported unveiling on October 23.

ipad mini
Given how the iPhone 5 did hit retail markets a short time after it was globally unveiled, what the report reveals can be described as realistic, something that is backed by previous reports telling of different LCD screen manufacturers already contracted to come up with “iPad Mini” components, in tune with the upcoming holiday season.

Given the iPad’s standing as the gadget responsible for revolutionizing the overall tablet industry, the “iPad Mini” proves to be an interesting Apple device, with its scaled down size and ascribed lesser costly price.

Also, if its unveiling and eventual release would fall in tune with reports and rumors, the “iPad Mini” would come to defy Apple’s long standing reputation for waiting for a couple of months before rolling out a new product.

Said to come with a screen measuring 7.85 inches, the “iPad Mini” is pretty much a mini version of the iPad, expected to come with a 1024 x 768 screen resolution, sans Retina Display pixel densities.

Given its more portable size and its reported cheaper price, the “iPad Mini’s” moniker has also been questioned by different online forums and message boards, with arguments noting that it won’t be called the “iPad Mini” but the “iPad Air”.

Either way, we’ll find out for sure by next week.

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