“iPad Mini” Reported to be “Going into Production”

With talk of Apple intent on releasing a smaller sized version of the iPad, the “iPad Mini” has gotten a lot of attention lately, even competing with the focuses and attentions given to the next iPhone incarnation.

Initially reported to be in existence in a Wall Street Journal Report, updates from Wall Street Journal note that the “iPad Mini is going into production”.

Given Wall Street Journal’s track record of being on the right track with Apple rumors and speculations, the potential release of the 7-inch iPad is slated to be announced by October this year, with many now questioning what its release would mean for previous iPad incarnations.

If the iPhone’s development-and-release mileage is used as a comparison point in the iPad’s lifecycle, older iPad versions would tread on the same path as the iPhone 3GS had – now sold to consumers at dirt cheap prices.

A casual observer would be quick to see the setup as Apple’s strategy in getting more iPhones and iPads out in the market (even if they are old versions), and with the increasing demand for 7 inch tablets, the “iPad Mini” remains to be a possible move which Apple would take on.

A Bloomberg Report, with its own sources, note that the “iPad Mini” will not come with the famed Retina Display featured in the iPad 3 which had been released this earlier year. Contrary to its previous iPad 2, the iPad 3 didn’t really make waves in the tablet arena, which essentially featured a higher screen resolution and improved camera features.

In fact, both Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal reports are implying that the smaller iPad won’t come with impressive superlatives often found in new Apple releases, setting it as a mini version iPad with features that can be expected from older generation Apple tablets.

Though these are still unverified reports, the situation is one which is believable, given Apple’s recent streak of frustrated followers, who had expected bangs from new Apple releases, only to encounter whimpers.

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