iPad Mini?

With reports indicating a lowering trend in App Store sales in the 1st quarter of 2012, talk about how Apple’s mobiles are loosing followers is piling up, with most discussions talking about the practical sides of its competitor gadgets (mostly pointing out Android-driven mobiles), bringing up the age-long price VS practicality battle of gadgets for electronic consumers.

However, Apple is reportedly working on a new tab option, a scaled down version of its iPad, dubbed the “iPad Mini”, one which offers reasonable price features and the trademark Apple system and design ethos, inside and out.

Said to be priced between 93 to 95 USD, the “iPad Mini” is reported to have a scaled-down 8GB storage space, as well as the feature “Retina” display featured in the iPad 3.

Reports based on the Daily Mail claim that the move takes root from basic facts – if Apple refuses to adopt lesser expensive offerings, it will suffer serious cuts to its profit margins and expectations.

Given that the average cost of an iPad runs around 250 USD, the 90-something USD priced “iPad Mini” is attractive for many users, especially those on tight budgets. The amount has been classified as a “loss-making price”, but as Daily Mail’s analysis indicates, it’s a risk which Apple has to take, lest loose its market standing to its actively growing competition.

As new releases have become subtle translations of “rehash” for most electronic consumers, rebranding gadgets with trendy names or adding non-essential features are among the things consumers are wary of these days.

If the “iPad Mini” does become a reality, Apple stands the chance of gaining the support of more followers, but then again, who’s to say what its competitors will do to counter its release.

Bottom line, things will surely get interesting for Apple and its competition in the days ahead.

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