iPad Mini’s “innards” revealed to be iPhone 5-inspired

iFixit recently featured a “Teardown” post on the iPad Mini, revealing that the newest scaled-down iPad actually takes its design cues from the recently released iPhone 5.

In its report, iFixit notes that the iPad Mini is designed with a metal plate positioned under its LCD screen, much like the design convention sported by the iPhone 5, and also features a Murata 339S0171 Wi-Fi chip which is also found in Apple’s newest smartphone model.

Though not exactly shocking, the teardown also revealed that the iPad Mini’s LCD panel is controlled by a Samsung chip. With Samsung being one of Apple’s primary rivals in the smartphone and tablet market and matched with the “patent war” currently ongoing between the two brands, the whole setup makes one wonder just how strange the relationship between Samsung and Apple is going.

The teardown also confirmed that the iPad Mini actually comes with stereo speakers, along with the on-board presence of Apple’s new Lightning Connector port.

As with most teardown features, the iPad Mini teardown posted by iFixit isn’t inclined to side with critiques regarding a device, but is more primed in actually looking into what is inside a given device.

In the iPad Mini’s case, the overall assessment is that its internal design and components is quite similar with the iPhone 5, which doesn’t really come as a surprise given that they are actually made by the same makers.

As Samsung had recently announced that their LCD production relationship with Apple hasn’t actually been severed, the teardown by iFixit somewhat proves the point that Samsung is still making LCD screens for Apple.

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