iPhone 4 For $99 !

Lot of reports and rumors related to iPhone 5  and future price of the iPhone 4 ,till now some about date of release and other about design and how it will look like and others about features and the most heard one is that Apple will release the iPhone 5 on Oct. and guys over iPhoneDownloadBlog Posted that Bell and Virgin Mobile drop iPhone 4 to $99.

Cheap iPhone 4 Source :

iPhoneinCanada is reporting that Virgin Mobile, along with Bell and Telus, have dropped the price of the iPhone 4 to under $100 bucks. This marks the lowest price we’ve seen to date.

iPhone 4 Price :

It appears that only the 16GB model has received the price drop, as the 32G is still selling for $269. And you better make sure you won’t want to upgrade anytime soon, since the $99 price tag locks you into a 3 year contract.

I’m wondering how long it will be before other carriers follow suit. Even with an impending iPhone 5 announcement, the iPhone 4 at $100 dollars is a slick deal. Especially compared to other handsets that carriers are hocking for that price.

Stay Tuned , we could hear about free iPhone 4 in the future like the free iPhone 3GS .