iPhone 4S Appears on iOS Dev Center

The vent that we have all been waiting for is only a few hours away. Yes, indeed it is  the Apple’s iPhone media event. As all of you know by now as we have reported it many times that there have been a lot of rumors around what Apple is expected to introduce today. There are speculations that there might be an iPhone 5 but there will be an iPhone 4S and the revolutionary iOS 5. The rumors with the most weight are currently that there will be an iPhone 4S with three capacities 64GB, 32GB and 16GB and less and less people are talking about there being an iPhone 5 today.

We received a tip from limera1n that there has been a screenshot taken showing the iPhone 4S appearing only just yesterday on the iOS device center, however this did not stay on it only appeared for a short time and then vanished again. All evidence is confirming that there will be an iPhone 4S announces today.

So we will wait and see!


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