iPhone 4S’ Siri Feature Amazing Videos

Have you bought  the iPhone 4S?W’ell, I think that you have to pre-order the iPhone 4S right now and the reason is Siri.Yes Siri  the biggest feature in iPhone 4S. As  you know, some customers getting their hands on their iPhone 4S earlier than others and they make an amazing videos about Siri.

Stuff.TV has posted a quick hands-on with Siri feature. Interestingly, Siri does not require you to tap the microphone button at the end of voice session, instead, Siri will simply listen for breaks in conversation and take voice commands in blocks .

What do you think about that ? Interesting right ?Actually you can ask Siri about the meaning of life, and it will answer you . watch that walkthrough from CBS Evening News from here.


Via Cydia Help

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