iPhone 4S VS iPhone 4 (Amazing Videos)

The iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S are known to be almost identical from the outside. But how fast is the iPhone 4S really compared to the iPhone 4. This is what Youtubers have helped us test. They have created videos with the iPhone 4S and the eighteen month old iPhone 4 applying the same apps on both and then waiting to see which carries them out fast. The iPhone 4S is expected to be twice as fast as the iPhone 4, as was announced when it was first introduced during the Lets Talk iPhone event earlier this month.

Below are two different videos, both of them basically doing the same thing but testing in different ways. Watch and enjoy!

It does not look like it is as twice as fast by judging from these videos, we are judging it to 50% faster to say the least. Not forgetting to consider that the internet connection does matter where you are so at some point you may get faster connection than at others.

But it is not just a faster browser that the iPhone 4S benefits from. Its camera also has greater benefits as it can benefit from the A5 processor and produce nice real-time images processing, this process includes:  including face detection, white balance and automatic image stabilization. It really does make all the difference when using the iPhone 4S in its stabilization property. Below we have a number of videos of various high-definition clips that have been taken using the iPhone 4S in comparison to other cameras.

Apple’s innovation in creating a better phone usage experience is starting to shine  with this iPhone.

via 9to5mac

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