iPhone 5 “bug” reported to lead to data overcharges

As Apple’s Maps mapping service feature failed to propel the brand’s take on unique and effective services offered to users, reports touching up on data overcharges have come about, with the said reports involving the use of the new iPhone 5’s WiFi connectivity features.

Featured in CNNMoney, a number of iPhone 5 users are said to have clamored about the bug, which had caused for subsequent data-consumption (and subsequent charges) rates of mobile internet users who had hooked up their iPhone 5 units to WiFi networks.

iPhone 5 bugs
With such a setup typically not included in the mobile carrier costs for mobile internet services, the bug has been described as “scary”, given the fact that it basically blows through the set data subscription plans of iPhone 5 users, as well as adds additional mobile internet charges to a user’s monthly subscription bill.

Though Apple, as of writing, is reported to have not publicly commented about the bug, an update had been released, available for Verizion subscribers.

Described to “resolve an issue in which, under circumstances, iPhone 5 may use Verizon cellular data while the phone is connected to a WiFi network”, it is still not clear weather non-Verizon users are affected by the bug.

The CNNMoney report also notes that a spokesperson for Sprint, in a phone call conducted last Friday, claimed that it was the first time the issue of the bug came was heard of by the company.

Though unclear weather the “bug” is specific to the iPhone 5 or affecting only specific mobile service providers, there seems to be a number “misses” being reported about the iPhone 5.

From its badly received Maps, to reports of physical out-of-the-box scratches found on new units, the new “bug” appears to put Apple in a bad light.

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