iPhone 5 Cases Appearing in AT&T reseller lists? (Photo)

A screenshot was received today by TiPb. If you look closely you will see purports to show Case-Mate Barely case for iPhone 5 in an AT&T reseller point-of-sale system (POS).

There have been many rumors and leaks and its not far fetched to imagine case makers gambling on leaked designs. However, one would wonder are they already stocking them??

Everyday the anticipation for the iPhone launch is increasing tremendously.

If you have missed the previous rumors about the case of the iPhone 5 , Check it now :

  •  Otterbox has produced about 3,000,000 cases for the iPhone 4S and don’t look like this one.Judging by the size of the case compared to the hand  it seems safe to say that the next iPhone (iPhone 5) will have at least  4 screen, inline with the other leaks seen across the net. Check it form here .
  • Another leaked cases of the iPhone 5 that Confirming the design of the iPhone 5 that shown in recent days.This new case of the iPhone 5 is shows that the iPhone 5 will be wider and slimmer .Check it form here .
  • And here’s the leaked photo iPhone 5 cases made by the Case-Mate , Case-Mate posted some different designs of iPhone 5. As you see in the above image that cases are pointing that iPhone 5 will have significant new design.Check it form here .

What do you think about that ?

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