iPhone 5 could be Thinner than Samsung Galaxy S II but iPhone 4 ih the Thinnest in UK

iphone 5 thiner than iphone 4

iPhone 5 will be launched next October and many rumors and expectations about its feature and design and here is a new question today which device iPhone 4iPhone 5Samsung Galaxy S II is thinner?

iPhone 5 with 4 inch screen ? here


Apple’s iPhone is 9.3mm thick the whole way down the phone, while Samsung’s Galaxy S 2 is 8.71mm thin but has a 9.91mm ‘thick’ antenna hump.

The ASA ruled that since the iPhone’s thickest point is thinner than the Galaxy S II’s thickest, Apple has the right to continue claiming the title. Samsung likely isn’t too pleased — save for a single thick bit, their GSII is mostly thinner, and Apple gets to maintain their positioning (in the UK at least) as purveyors of slim, sleek design.


iPhone 5 concept original drawing photo .


In reality, neither in the “thinnest”. NEC sells a 7.7 mm thin device among other thinner devices in the market.

Sure there are bigger fish to fry, but this ‘small’ victory comes as both companies are set to release new products.

Yes, this is about a month before a likely thinner Apple iPhone hits the market and Samsung has the rumored ‘Nexus Prime’ device in its pipeline.

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