IPHONE 5 First Impressions

Different phones flood the market today. Competition is just getting stiff and consumers are completely aghast as to what to buy in terms of use, functionality, convenience and compatibility. The other one may have a wider screen than some phones or perhaps a memory card slot or NFC chips to boast of. They just keep getting better and better. God know what next… iPhone, ten years from now may have an ingenious approach to thought recognition, eventually making voice recognition an obsolete thing in the past. Now, talk about a psychic phone reading minds!

With the recently released, new iPhone 5, what is in store for those who want to have an upgrade? Is it worth giving up your iPhone 4’s two-year contract with some painful penalty charges on the side, in exchange for this exceptional version? How exceptional is exceptional? With the additions, revisions, modifications and change, should you get the new iPhone, when the best Windows Phone and Android phones offer similarly impressive speed, beauty and features?

If you were actually discussing some pros and cons before deciding, then this may just be the perfect one for you.

Well, first things, first. What made Apple’s smartphone an overnight, super-duper success? Some say it is status symbol, yet majority of users say otherwise. The breakthrough design, top-of-the-line components and its extensive functionality can make it more valid in contributing to its ultra- mega success.

Unlike other Android phones that get bulkier as the days go by, the new iPhone is sleek and sassy like black Ferrari with its shining black-on-black aluminum and glass body, a total knock-out as far as looks and design are concerned. The thinnest at 0.3 inch, it is also the lightest, flattest and most convenient for users who are always on the go -fits right into the pocket with weigh equivalent to almost nothing.

Second, there’s not much customization although almost all majors are upgraded zeroing in to screen sound, focus, camera and speed. The iPhone 5 is a roadrunner in speed with its new processor twice as fast. Now, a 4G LTE phone, iPhone 5, has the capacity to enjoy wicked-fast internet connections in major cities. What about high definition video and camera? Definitely a steal!

So, if you are asked, would you get this new iPhone 5? You’d be cooler to say, “It’s fair enouough though…. Not ‘til I need an upgrade.”

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