iPhone 5 Launch Date Announced?

With the anticipation over the next iPhone’s official release, a number of speculations and rumors have been circulating around the net, touching up on the next iPhone’s screen size, battery capacity, increased processor power, and more.

With September being the speculated release date of the fabled smartphone model, speculations over how huge the actual launch would be are noting that it would be huge.

Based on the reports of component suppliers of Apple’s products, the new iPhone is heralded to be really big, given the fact that the suppliers are alleged to have been making it big – in terms of production volume expectations and revenue – since last July.

Reported to have been manufacturing more components for the next iPhone, as opposed to the manufacture volume posted in previous iPhone incarnations, sentiments are inclined to presume that Apple is really taking the next iPhone seriously, considering the steady demand for the brand’s premium smartphone lineup.

Along with the said “big” factor of the next iPhone, the fabled “iPad Mini” is also slated to be huge, with rumors noting that the small-scaled version of the iPad is certainly going to turn heads its way, causing a significant impact in the mobile tablets arena.

To date, the said 4 inch sized screen of the next iPhone appears to be the more apparent of rumors, one that is backed by Apple reportedly having subcontracted LCD makers in producing 4 inch screens, along with expert analysis over the competition Apple could loose to if it continues to produce its standard sized screens.

Bottom line, if the said rumors of the volume component makers are true, the next iPhone’s sure to be one readily available mobile, with no waiting period for those who aren’t quick in jotting down their pre-orders.

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