iPhone 5 Launch on October 13th ?

launch iphone 5

As we reported previously that Apple was planning the iPhone 5 launch on October 4th, and we’re all waiting to get hold of the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. However everything is still uncertain. The first hint that we got that the next generation iPhone (iPhone 5) launch date might be changed, thanks goes to AT&T early upgrade policy.

GottaBeMobile follower Mat sent a tip about the early upgrade date for the iPhone 5. When he logged onto is AT&T account he said that he could get a reduced discount on an iPhone only on 10-13-2011. His actual upgrade date is set for November 17th.

As known that early upgrades of the iPhone 5 are given to chosen customers when the iPhone is announced. When we look back at what happened with the past iPhone models. There were 17 days between then announcement and launch of the iPhone 4, and 11 days for the iPhone 3GS, therefore a 9 day gap for the iPhone 5 could be possible.

The iPhone 4 was launched on a Thursday and October 13th is a Thursday so it could make sense that this would be the launch of the new iPhone. However, we are marking the two dates for our calenders:

– October 4th – Apple’s keynote

– October 13th – Apple’s next generation iPhone (iPhone 5) launch


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