iPhone 5 concept original drawing photo

iPhone 5 Drawing

On 26th August we posted  iPhone 5 concepts photos and now the best drawing of iPhone 5 from the original artist on eBay .

iPhone 5 release date (time line) here .


iPhone 5 amazing concept Video here .

“This was drawn with a very unique and special emerald green pen that has been my favorite for a long time, and was drawn onto regular 8.5 x 11 sheet of recycled paper that was originally in a leaf-colored notebook with a bamboo spine.

I am posting this drawing because I know that many people will buy almost anything associated with a certain company in Cupertino (like the folks that paid $150 for Steve Jobs figurines), and since many of those same people will be paying $700 or more for the next iPhone anyway, I figured their willingness to part with their cash might make for an interesting eBay dynamic.”

Another good thing to note is that 25% of the proceeds will go to the The American Cancer Society, to help fund potential cures for cancer.

The creator of this drawing obviously thinks he has something compelling here, and he stresses that he has no inside knowledge of what the iPhone 5 will actually look like:

“Lastly, I do not profess to have any knowledge about the iPhone 5. This drawing is merely a creative and imaginary work and doesn’t necessarily bear resemblance to any actual future Apple product. Also, I do not accept PayPal, so payment will need to be through my merchant account, through MoneyBookers, or through a personal check.”


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