iPhone 5 preorders: 2 million within 24 hours

As the ongoing “forum wars” of iPhone fans and iPhone detractors are still ongoing – though not as animated as it was in the past couple of days – iPhone recently revealed that preorders for the iPhone 5 had topped 2 million preorders within a 24 hour timeframe.

Unveiled last week, the new iPhone incarnation is pegged to have doubled the number of preorders its predecessor iPhone 4S had raked in within the same given timeframe.
The Cupertino-based brand reports that the demand for the iPhone 5 had exceeded their original “initial supply”, leading to some of the preorders scheduled to get to their users by October.

By Monday this week, Apple’s company stock was raised by 1.2%.

As the newest iPhone, the iPhone 5 sports the first major physical redesign of the series, sporting a bigger 4 inch-sized screen, with its predecessors designed with a 3.5 inch screen. Analysts note that this major redesign comes as an edge for Apple, with the iPhone 5’s larger screen real estate being a solid “come on” for more electronic consumers.

Following after the unveiling of the new iPhone, a series of “pocket forum wars” followed, mostly taking place in social network accounts in Facebook and in the comments section of blogs and online media outfits.

Loyal followers and detractors have been at wits end in deeming the iPhone’s “worthiness”, with a number of anti-Apple faction members indicating now “banal” or “moronic” the size of the phone is, as Apple followers have been quick in noting the poor construction and shoddy design sported by their preferred mobile (specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S III).

Nevertheless, the stats note that there have been 2 million iPhone 5 preorders within 24 hours of its scheduled availability.

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