iPhone 5 Release Date In New Zealand On October 9th ?

From few hours ago  TechDay.co.nz  reported that iPhone 5 will be in New Zealand on October 9th ?

Here ! The exclusive iPhone 5 release date .

Now, with fans clamouring for news of the iPhone 5, Techday has learned from a source within Apple that the device will be launched here in New Zealand on October 9.

Stay tuned with Smash iPhone for these hot events :

  • iOS 5 beta 8 on Friday, September 16th

  • iOS 5 GM on Friday, September 23rd

  • iPhone 5 pre-orders on Friday, September 30th

  • iOS 5 public launch from October 5th to 7th

  • iPhone 5 launch on from October 7th to 14th

TechDay.co.nz hasn’t been the source of any previous Apple rumors, so we can’t tell if they are trustworthy. October 9th falls on a Sunday, which seems a strange launch day. Last year’s iPhone 4 launch was on a Friday in New Zealand. We’ve posted it on our iOS blog for interest.

We told you before that iPhone 5 may be released at 7 October !!

via Macrumors

Stay tuned with us to know more news and rumors for iPhone 5 ..

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