iPhone 5 seen on the Cincinnati Bell website

Images were sent to TUAW by its reader Cory L. that captured was a screenshot of his web browser while perusing the i-Wireless prepaid cell phone section of the Cincinnati Bell website. The image a place for an iPhone 5 with no image available and no “Add of basket” button.

When we took a look at the sire it shows that the placeholder was removed. This is quite interesting as Cincinnati Bell is the carrier in the US, not a major carrier but one of them and that the website is for a pay as you go program. We also noticed that the specification for the iPhone 5 in the website we that it has 8MP camera, 4G speed and it has a 4 inch screen. These specs agree with the rumors that we have head previously about the iPhone 5.

This leaves us still confused whether we are to expect something about the iPhone this Tuesday or not, anyway we are counting down the days till the much awaited event. We have seen another report sent with another screenshot from the same website, this second one shows a low-cost iPhone 4S device with different specification than the iPhone 5. This could mean that there will be iPhones announces on Tuesday. But could this be taken as a sure sign?

On the other hand, another website is claiming that only the iPhone 4S will be announced based on the strings found in the beta iTunes. However another source claimed that no such strings were released in any database.

We still do not know who to believe and who not to believe, and it seems that Apple will keep us in the shadows until the event.


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