iPhone 5 VS iPhone 4 (Battery & Camera)

iphone 5 vs iphone 4There are more than one different between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4.These some of them..keep in touch to know more.

The labeled specifications on the iPhone 5 part shows 3.7V and 5.3Whr while the iPhone 4 part shows 3.7V and 5.25Whr, showing roughly the same power.

iphone 5 vs iphone 4 camerasThe new part also has a plausible part number of 616-0580 as compared to the iPhone 4’s 616-0513 and 616-0521 part numbers.

The iPhone 5’s camera has been rumored to be an 8 mega pixel camera, upgraded from the 5 mega pixel camera found in the iPhone 4.

The Audio Jack Flex cable it does look very different from the existingGSM and CDMA parts.

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