iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 4S (What is the Difference)

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Guys over CultOfMac made an awesome report that explain What’s the difference between The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 .In this post many answers for popular questions like what the heck is all this talk of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5? Are they the same device? If not, how are they different from each other? What does it all mean? Here is the scoop on what all this talk about the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S is really about.

How Apple Chooses Its iPhone Names

The first thing to keep in mind is that while the iPhone 4 had a relatively straight forward name denoting it as the fourth generation iPhone, it was an exception to the way Apple has usually gone about naming things.

First thing to understand is that the next iPhone will be the 5th generation of the device. Just because it’s the 5th generation iPhone does not mean that its name will be “iPhone 5.” In fact, the iPhone 4 was the only iPhone with a title that reflected its slot on the generational timeline.

For example, when Apple released the 2nd generation of the iPhone they titled it the iPhone 3G because it was the first iPhone capable of using a 3G wireless network (more info on that here). The 3rd generation of the iPhone held the exact same form factor as the iPhone 3G. To denote a change of internal hardware Apple named the device the iPhone 3GS. The “S” stood for speed because the new phone had an improved processor, more RAM, and abetter camera.

So when Apple releases the next iPhone, it’s likely it’ll call it one of two things. It’ll either stick with the iPhone 4 and iPad 2′s naming convention and call it the iPhone 5. Such a device would likely represent a significant change to the external design of the iPhone. If the next iPhone is like the iPhone 3GS, though, in that it’s mostly a speed bump, Apple will likely fall back upon the iPhone 4S naming convention.

So when we talk about the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, what we’re really talking about is what the actual next iPhone will look like, and what specs it will have.

The Difference Is In The Specs

Right now, if Apple releases an iPhone 5, rumor consensus says that it’ll have an A5 processor, an aluminum back, a wider screen, a capacitive home button, a thinner, tapered design and a better camera. If it’s just an iPhone 4S, though, what we expect to see is a phone that looks a lot like the iPhone 4, and differentiates itself with just an A5 processor, a better camera and an updated antenna design. It’ll also probably be a world phone, in that one device will work on both GSM (AT&T) and CDMA networks.

Which iPhone Will Apple Release?

So which iPhone will Apple release this year? The iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5?

For a while, it looked like the answer to that question was “both.” Apple would release an iPhone 4S to address the low-end market, just like the role the iPhone 3GS currently fills. Additionally, the iPhone 4S would be targeted at the prepaid market. Meanwhile, the redesigned iPhone 5 would be Apple’s top-tier device. Lately, though, reports have suggested that while Apple may have intended on releasing both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 at the same time year, manufacturing issues may have pushed the iPhone 5′s release until early 2012.

So currently, it’s looking like the next iPhone will not feature a redesigned body. It’s not impossible that we will see an iPhone next month that looks different than the iPhone 4, but it’s looks improbable. Physical evidence to support rumors of a redesign have yet to be seen, while there has been physical evidence supporting rumors that the next iPhone will have the same design as the iPhone 4… for example, a number of case designs by well respected companies.


It’s important to remember that the product names ‘iPhone 4S’ and ‘iPhone 5′ only represent different rumors regarding the design of the next iPhone. Even if Apple doesn’t redesign the iPhone, it’s still possible that they may decide to call it the iPhone 5 because it will be the fifth generation. Likewise, the rumors may be true that Apple is releasing a redesigned phone in October, but Cupertino might decide to call it the iPhone 4S anyway. That said, both scenarios seem pretty unlikely, if only because it would break Apple’s own iPhone naming convention.

One thing’s for sure: Apple has done a spectacular job of keeping almost everyone in the dark. Regardless of what they’ve decided to do with the design, or what they’re going to call their next phone, we just hope it gets here quick. But maybe it wouldn’t be a terrible idea for them to drop the suffixes altogether and just call it what it is: an iPhone.

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