iPhone 5 Will Be Similar To iPhone 4 ?

Apple is so close to release the iPhone 5 as we posted before , Now we face a probability of a similar iPhone 4 reported by one of the Analysts. iPhone 5 will be an edited iPhone 4 ?

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concorde Securities tells that up till now, he has not seen a trace of a completely redesigned iPhone 5. One must think twice over his statements as in the past most of his predictions about unreleased Apple products have turned out to be true. This time, the gentleman claims that the iPhone 5 will have the same 512MB DRAM as the iPhone 4 and will also be similar in terms of design as both the front and back glass panel design will be retained in iPhone 5.

He also tells that one of the most significant improvement that Apple has made in iPhone 5 is that they have improved the antenna. The iPhone 4 has been plagued with reception issues because if the left corner of the device is covered with your palm, a loss in reception is noted. In iPhone 5, Apple has fixed that problem by makes changes to the antenna’s shape. He claims that production is well underway, coinciding our previous report that Foxconn makes 150,000 iPhone daily, and in this quarter alone Apple is looking forward to manufacture 30 million iPhone 5 units.

Kuo claims that the camera on iPhone 5 will probably be of 8 megapixel but will also be of the same dimensions as that on the iPhone 4. This means that Apple wouldn’t be able to make the device radically thinner like most publications are saying. He is of strong belief that the iPhone 5 will be very similar in terms of design to an iPhone 4.

We know that an immense demand is created whenever Apple releases a new product and due to the fact that people are anxiously waiting for the iPhone 5, there’s no doubt that regardless of 30 million iPhone 5 units being manufactured in just one quarter, Apple will still face supply shortages onceglobal iPhone 5 launch is made.

One can’t be too sure whether or not the industry sources of Ming-Chi Kuo really know what they are talking about. However, do keep in mind that there’s a possibility of a cheap contract free iPhone that will be launched alongside the fifth generation iPhone. So there’s a possibility that all this information about an unreleased iPhone that has been divulged to Kuo, is actually about the cheaper iPhone model. As we said, one can’t be too sure.


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