iPhone 5 with iOS 5 [Photos]

We all heard the rumors that have been going around about the iPhone 5. They started a few months back when Apple did not release a new iPhone back in June. We all had hoped that there will be an iPhone 5 release earlier this month, which did not happen. But still we have the iPhone 4S which is pretty amazing. Now that everyone is looking ahead we are still hoping for the iPhone 5 to be released sometimes in the foreseeable future.

We know that the iPhone 5 will have a new phone design, we have been hearing rumors saying that it will be a teardrop like design with an aluminum unibody and a wider screen, which will be 4.3 inches. This was all taken from the prototype that was found a few weeks back. Since the iPhone 5 was not launched then this prototype was still in the very early stages of being tested so there is a large chance that it could change as testing takes its place.



There are now more rumors stating that the new iPhone 5 will have the dual chip A6 processor. Also the iPhone 5 will have slimmer and lighter design. We expect that most of the phone changes will be external and that will be the main selling point with only a few internal changes like the processor and so.

Since it will be connected to the iOS 5, users will have access to all the apps and features that they now have with the new iOS 5 being released. We hope that by the launch of the iPhone 5 there will be new apps and features that we can investigate.

As for now you can look at the pictures of this beautiful device and hope that it will be announced sooner rather that later.


And we wait!


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