“iPhone 5S” and “entry level” iPhone reported to roll out by July

The sentiments of a Mac-oriented fan site, MacFan, has been the subject of a lot of attention lately, suggesting that Apple will be seeing to the unveiling of its new iPhone model by June 20.

“iPhone 5S” and “entry level” iPhone reported to roll out by JulyAnother site, Electronista, notes that said upcoming iPhone model will be going on sale by July this year.

MacFan also mentioned the upcoming release of an “entry-level” iPhone to hit developing markets like India and China by August, with the alleged device essentially primed to operate on a pre-paid mobile subscription scheme, a scheme popularly opted by emerging markets.

While a June to July scheduled timeframe does come as “too early” for Apple’s associated September-October new release schedule, it has to be noted that the 1st iPhone made its debut within the June to July months, followed by the unveiling of the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 simply shifted their respective release dates to fall.

It’s worth noting that the talk of an “entry-level” iPhone has been up and about for the past couple of months, with different discussions and debates revolving around its overall premise and potential for being.

With Apple having earned the unofficial title of being the Ferrari of smartphones, tablets and computers, the idea of an “entry-level” iPhone somewhat contradicts that hard-earned standing.

However, the buying power and potential of emerging markets is one which no mobile manufacturer can ignore, considering the lucrative prospects in market share gain and sales.

What say you iPhone owner? Think Apple will really be rolling out an “entry-level” iPhone? If it does, will you get one for yourself?

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