iPhone 5S, rumored to roll out by August

We last talked about a rumor talking about Apple’s plans of releasing a new iPhone model in the iPhone 5S. Described to be an “affordable iPhone model”, word has recently come up that the said iPhone 5S will be available in China by August this year.

iPhone 5SReported by China-based tech news website EMSOne, rumor indicates that the upcoming iPhone 5S will be made to work with China Mobile’s connectivity standards and protocols.

With China Mobile described to be the world’s largest mobile carrier, the prospect of a “cheap edition” iPhone 5S doesn’t exactly come as strange, considering the increased buying power potential in China.

In terms of product supply and components, Pegatron and Foxconn are jotted down as the prospective Apple manufacturing partners which would see to the fruition of the lesser expensive iPhone 5S.

With China Mobile known to utilize TD-SCDMA network standards in its day to day operations, the current iPhone 5 is not compatible with the carrier’s network type, a resolution which the alleged “iPhone 5S” comes to fill in.

With close to 700 million China Mobile subscribers, there is indeed a huge margin of potential iPhone users, should the rumored iPhone 5S prove to be true.

Add the fact that the said iPhone version is going to be cheaper, the possibility of an iPhone 5S that is compatible with China Mobile’s network system is difficult to ignore.

Think Apple is really going to churn out a “cheap edition” of its internationally famed iPhone series? If it does, which would you get, the “original” or the “entry level” model?

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