“iPhone 6” rumors sparks increased interests

Amidst all the talk of Apple NOT likely to roll out an iPhone with a screen that’s more than 5 inches in size, the alleged sketches of an “iPhone 6” – depicted to come with a bigger-sized screen – has sparked significant interest figures from electronic consumers, as described by a recently conducted survey.

Conducted by 451 Research, it appears that the purported designs of an “iPhone 6” with a big-screen design have become a great deal of interest for the survey’s respondents, standing as a vantage point which Apple may want to look into, in gauging just what features and highlights the next iPhone incarnation should have under its hood.

iphone 6 colors

Based on the survey, 14 percent acknowledged that they would most likely get an “iPhone 6” with a large display, while 26 percent are “somewhat likely” going to get such a device if it should actually roll out.

Considering the fact that almost everyone, by now, has a smartphone, the rumored big-screen iPhone 6 has done impressively well, in terms of actually grabbing the attention of electronic consumers the way that it has.

For the longest time, Apple has made no secret of its intentions not to roll out an iPhone that’s designed with more than a 5-inch size screen, a form factor that is dictated by the “smartphones that are small enough to be operated using only one hand” dictum.

However, the dictum is not necessarily an assurance that the smartphone maker will stand by it through thick and thin, considering how well-received the iPad Mini has been in boosting Apple’s standing in the tablet segment.

What say you? Should the iPhone 6 actually come with a 6 inch screen, will you be getting one?

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