iPhone App Feature – The BUG Music Videos App

BUG Music Videos, one of the world’s most frequented sites for music videos and other entertainment-inclined content, recently released its BUG app for the iPhone, the first app developed by BUG for the world’s favorite mobile.

Released in conjunction with its 5th anniversary celebrations, the app is also designed to work with other iDevices, including the iPod touch and the iPad, increasing its functionality and enhanced delivery of entertainment content to users of various iDevices.

As an entity, BUG was developed in London, with the London-headquartered team of Louise Stevents, Phil Tidy, Chris Blakeston and David Knight. It has garnered a solid line of followers based in the UK and the rest of the world, with unique show formats which has led it into becoming a broadcasted program on Sky Atlantic.

The app is quite straightforward and easy to use, featuring a playlist in commemoration with BUG’s 5th year. The app also highlights a gallery, which features 30 of the BUG show posters, with details and contact information pertaining to BUG, BUG sponsors and authors of the app.

Details related to BUG productions are also highlighted in the app, with programme notes, commentaries and editorials pertaining to the topics covered by BUG shows.

Given BUG’s growing status as an online (now divesting into mainstream) entertainment, the app is a worthy-of-mention feature, one which tells a lot about how strong BUG has become in five years’ time.

With countless sites/organizations/entertainment productions of its class prevailing all around the net, BUG has managed to stand apart from the rest, still standing strong after five years, a testament that saying that BUG is here to stay.

The new BUG app, adds value to its existence after 5 years, and as such, it is an app that is worthy of your attention.

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