iPhone app to make flash cards for easy studying

The days of creating flash cards out of speech cards are over with.  Now you can quickly make flash cards on iOS devices which include images as well as text.  This cool app gives you more features than standard paper cards as well.  “Flash Cards Deluxe” is just one of many ways that the iPhone or iPad is improving the way we learn.

Putting your study guide on your iPhone is better for a lot of reasons.  For one, you can create a searchable database of everything you entered into the flash cards.  You can study for each chapter test, while building a huge database that will help for the final.  Since the iPhone and iOS supports text to speech, you can also have the phone read your answers back to you.

You can also interact with the cards to make studying easier.  Spelling tests for instance can accept input for each card to see if you correctly typed the word out.  Another cool thing is that it can play cards you got wrong more consistently.  You’ll see them more times than you would cards that you consistently get correct.

Flash cards are probably the best tool for learning for students all over the world. Combine that with the power of the iPhone, and you have an amazing study tool.  They are actually helping students learn in a really simple method – just by repetition and word association. Students prefer to study flashcards to learn quickly. We know that it sounds really simple, but actually is really effective. Many teachers are starting using this method because they see how students react to it.
iPhone Flash Cards
Alphabet Soup to Learn Alphabets Faster

First we will start with alphabet soup flash cards. They will help the students to master the alphabet faster than any other method out there. Here is how it is done – the teacher has to place the plastic letters in a bowl or some other object and then every student should pick one letter and then the student has to find a flashcard with word starting with the same letter. If you want to study flashcards online then cram.com is great place to visit.

Flashcards with Math Problems  

Flash cards are pretty effective when it comes to math as well. For example, you can place lots of flash cards at the same time, and make sure that all of them contain math problems that have to be solved. The task of the student is to pick up a card and then read the problem and eventually answer it. If he can’t, the answer is on the back of the card.

Reinforce Math Skills

You can also reinforce math skills with the help of flash cards. Here is how to do it – you have to create flash cards and give the student a bean bag. Then he has to toss the bag toward the cards and try to solve the problem written on the cards. The game ends when every student had a chance to play.

Correct Sentence Making

Flash cards can also be used for teaching students to solve and construct simple sentences. Here is how is done – you have to separate the flash cards into different piles containing words like helpers, nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. Then you have to select a card from each pile and construct a sentence.


Another flash card activity is called pass. In it the students will have to learn through reinforcement. The students and the teacher are sitting in a circle and the teacher has to hold a flash card that has an object or word. After that the name of the object should be said out loud. The student that has said the word gets another flash card and in that way the game goes in circles.

In short, combining the technology of the iPhone with age old flash cards allows you to study with more efficiency than ever.  iPads and other Apple products are slowly creeping into our education system to better assist us in learning.  iPads are commonly replacing text books and providing better interactive learning.  With the help some awesome iOS apps, now the iPhone can also get a chunk of that learning experience.

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