iPhone orders “significantly” going down?

With Apple’s intent in launching the newest iPhone incarnation this year – the sixth of the series – reports pertaining to the “significant” downtrend of current iPhone model orders have been ongoing.

According to Apple Insider, analysts have noted reduced shipping orders of the current iPhone, reduced by roughly 20 to 25%. The estimates are based on March’s stats this year, which yielded to 35.1 million units.

Based on the same statistics, if trend analytics do go on as forecasted, iPhone figures would rake in an estimated 26 to 28 million units come this June. The figure would stand against Wall Street consensuses, which indicate a 30 to 31 million iPhone unit figures.

“From our understanding, the reason for the reduction is not demand related but rather due to the upcoming 6th generation iPhone refresh likely in the September-October timeframe,” shares analyst Shaw Wu.

In comparing last year’s rates with this year’s forecasts, 20.34 million iPhones were sold in June on 2011. The figure, reported to come from Apple, is dubbed as “record sales”, which overwhelmed analyst-driven forecasts which noted unit sales to go as high as 15.8 million.

With the recent release of the iPad 3 last March, speculations over the features to-be highlighted by the next iPhone are mostly circled around Retina displays, along with a solid solution in resolving the iPhone’s notorious low-rate battery lifespan.

Either way, regardless of the iPhone’s reported lowering orders, the next iPhone is already causing quite a stir, even before it has even come out.

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