iPhone would have been good not great without Steve Jobs

Throughout iPhone’s history, Steve Jobs has been enthusiastic about selling it. When Jobs spoke at an Apple keynote you could tell he had real enthusiasm about his products. He was genuinely excited to see how his products would shape the tech world. Seeing the recent Galaxy S3 announcement made me appreciate how much of an asset Steve was to Apple.

The S3 announcement was the worst I’ve seen in a while. Not only did the announcer not speak good English, it seemed rehearsed and awkward. Sure Apple’s keynotes were clearly rehearsed beforehand, but they did not sound like it. They flowed naturally and sounded as if Jobs was just speaking to us directly.

The Galaxy announcement felt like it was being read right from a script. There was no enthusiasm and it was overall just a poor performance. Not much was shown to us in terms of what the phone could do, it was basically an advertisement.

While it’s probably true the iPhone would have been a pretty big success without Steve Job’s, I think he played a major role in marketing it. No other company in the world has such a successful marketing team and we owe a lot of that to Steve.

Many people thought Apple would stop innovating when he passed away, but this is obviously not true. The iPhone 4s was released shortly after his death and was widely popular like previous releases. Apple’s marketing team is still working overtime to sell products and that will never change. One thing is clear in my mind, the iPhone definitely would have been a hit, but I think Steve Jobs went on to help it become the bestselling smart phone in the world.

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