“iRadio” reported to roll out as early as next next week

Following after the rumors of Apple intent on rolling out its own music streaming service this summer, talk of the said service’s launch is reported to roll out as early as next next week.

A CNet reports delves into the subject matter, noting that the Cupertino-based IT giant is nearing the final stages of arranging its deals with two major record labels.

For labels, Apple's iRadio deal could be sweeter than Pandora
Based on the report, Apple is essentially planning on maximizing the user-base of its iTunes music purchasing/library/player application suite, implementing the introduction of the “iRadio” service into its overall operational service scope.

Citing sources noted to be familiar with the ongoing negotiations, Apple’s take on the “iRadio” service allows record labels with another avenue where they could monetize on the digital distribution of their carried sounds and tunes.

The so-called “iRadio” initiative has long been talked about in the past, with its rumored unveiling dating back to late last year. Allegedly, issues delving into the costing in the acquisition of audio titles are reported to have caused for the delays in the service’s unveiling.

At its core, the “iRadio” service is viewed as Apple’s answer to popular online streaming avenues like Pandora or Spotify, only different in the sense that “iRadio” would come with Apple’s terms and stipulations (which are of course tied with the terms and stipulations of major music publishers).

Though the service is essentially still a rumor, different claims of its unveiling are unified in stating that its eventual launch will be taking place on summer 2013.

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