iRepo for Windows-Managing your iDevice made easy

Though there’s really nothing wrong with iTunes’ stance as a data management, organization and synchronization tool for iOS-driven smartphones and tablets, Windows machine users not so keen on using the suite are sure to find what they have been looking for in iRepo for Windows.

To be clear, iRepo for Windows is essentially a digital data recovery utility, designed to help users effectively recover songs, photos and other media stored in different iDevices, iPhones, iPads, iPods and iPod touch units included.

Easy to use and functional, the suite essentially does away with the more cumbersome paths and steps Windows PC users have experienced in using iTunes, with iRepo offering a more direct and straightforward option in dealing with stored digital content.

Featuring a robust set of functions and commands, iRepo users can readily recover songs and playlists using the suite, as well as directly copy songs stored in iPhones, iPads and iPod touch units.

What’s more, the suite runs with Windows’ more familiar interface and command sets, making it highly effective and relevant to the needs of Windows machine users.

Given the fact that iTunes operational scope requires records of stored content to be present in a given machine, iRepo’s reverse operation affords users with an effective means of rebuilding data from any iDevice.

In its entirety, iRepo’s functional features covers the space which iTunes leaves blank, deeming it as a must-install utility that is highly effective in managing stored iDevice content, one that isn’t encumbered by system specific limitations or blocks.

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