iRepo – The Ultimate Song Recovery Suite for the iOS

As a solution to iPod, iPhone and iPad users who’ve accidentally lost saved songs and videos, the iRepo app for the iOS comes as a welcome answer, one which can effectively rebuilt what had been lost.

Designed to work with on-hand computer systems, iRepo sports the familiar interface boasted by Apple’s iTunes, allowing its users to deploy recovery commands in a familiar, user friendly environment.

Robust in the delivery of results and features driven as an application suite, files lost to crashes or accidental deletion is a thing of the past with iRepo.

Simplify your life with iRepo

In today’s highly digital age, it is safe to say that everyone, at one point in time, has had his or her share of storage media crashes, resulting to the loss of valuable music and video collections.

iRepo, in its easy to use and easy to understand features, allows for the ready recovery of lost files, matched with a file management  system that helps users create backups of recovered data.

With iRepo, all a user has to do is connect an iPad, iPod or iPhone to a computer, then run the program and parse through its easy to understand navigation menus. A user could easily recover songs or videos from a computer crash, or easily add or load new songs to a defined “backup point” with the least amount of stress or worry.

The suite also comes with a “Super Rescue Playlist” feature, one which essentially compares the entries of different playlists, thereby reducing the chances of song or video duplicates.

Built with its users’ comfort in mind, iRepo is a must have app for music and video aficionados, with its enhanced capabilities for retrieving once-lost data.

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