iRig for iPhone Review

Given its standing as the leading mobile out in the market today, the iPhone is a mobile which comes with countless accessories and peripherals, ranging from add-ons designed to enhance its built-in camera’s performance to accessories designed to give the iPhone alternative power sources.

The iRig, which is pretty much an audio mixer accessory for the iPhone, may not be something every iPhone user would have need of, but let’s face it, not all iPhone accessories are must have items.

For DJ’s though, the iRig is one awesome iPhone accessory.

The iRig

With real knobs and faders, the iRig is pretty much a DJ’s dream mixer come true, designed to work with their iPhones, lessening the weight-and-space hassle of having to bring their mixers during every gig.

Working with a software component, the entire iRig package allows for the adjustment of audio tempo, which can be rigged to fit with a given beat. Though its optimum functional form takes shape in using two iDevices, the iRig works its best with the use of an iPhone and an iPad, maximizing and extending the two gadget’s functional features as mobile phone and multimedia tablet.

Made with lightweight but durable plastic, the iRig is a mixer that is conscientious over what DJ’s have to go through in bringing around their gear, standing out as a portable rig for their easy and convenient setup and use.

Also working with GrooveMaker, VocalLive and AmpliTube, the iRig can also deal with the mixing and audio synching needs in live performance mixers, as its use with GrooveMixer simplifies the creation of custom loops for in between performances.

If you’re a DJ and on the lookout for a mixer that is full-on with performance and lightweight in portability, the iRig for iDevices comes to you as your answer.

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