Is Apple cannibalizing itself with the 5C?

While word of Apple’s new iPhones is up and about, different online media outfits have been quick in pointing out a “trend” with Apple’s take in the release and follow up of the brands product line, raising the question: is Apple cannibalizing itself with the unveiling of the iPhone 5C?

iPhone 5CWith the iPhone 5C positioned as the brand’s product made for emerging markets, the question essentially puts Apple’s relatively recent history of product releases into perspective, taking into consideration the iPod, the Mac Pro lineup, and the MacBook.

If one takes the time to think about it, Apple did “kill” the iPod with the release of the iPhone, after all the big things the portable media player did for the company in terms of market dominance and sales.

The MacBook lineup pretty much did the same to the Mac Pro desktop for business series for the brand, which was essentially mirrored by the iPad, which essentially did the same thing for the MacBook series.

There’s also the “issue” of how the iPad 2, whose overall specs is essentially no different from the iPad Mini, not having its own version of Siri. The question as to why remains to have been left unanswered, and has been left as is.

In rolling out a budget friendly version of the iPhone, one which essentially mirrors the same specs of a predecessor iPhone model, the question regarding Apple’s cannibalizing itself can’t be shot as irrelevant.

What do you think? Think Apple is simply cannibalizing itself with the unveiling of the iPhone 5C?

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