Is Samsung intent on cramping the app options for the iOS with a contest with a total of $800,000 at stake?

A report featured the Wall Street Journal talks of a contest being spearheaded by Samsung, one which calls third-party developers to develop a line of Galaxy-specific apps.

According to the report, the contest seeks out 10 winners, with a prize money pegged to total $800,000, with the said amount to be distributed amongst the winners.

Wanted Apps for Galaxy Smartphones
Essentially, Samsung’s interest in hosting the contest is alluded to its intentions of enhancing its Group Play service, a Samsung-branded service that is designed to help users readily share photos, games and other digital content between various devices.

While the general view of Samsung is being that of Apple’s competitor, the truth of the matter is that this standing is only applicable in the actual mobile device handset sense, not necessarily in terms of mobile app options and solutions.

Given the fact that a huge chunk of Samsung’s products are Android-based, initiating a competition that calls for Samsung-specific apps says something about Samsung’s goals in standing out from other brands featuring products running on Android, as well as says something about its intentions of actually having a range of software solutions which are Galaxy-specific.

Apple, in developing and maintaining its own iOS mobile operating system and App Store has an edge over Samsung, whose Android mobile operating system-base isn’t exactly riddled with exclusive for Samsung app options.

By hosting its contest, Samsung is practically paving the way in leveling the playing field in its run against its main competitor in Apple.

Think Samsung actually has a chance in actually beating Apple’s App Store?

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