Is Wintek Working on The iPhone 5 Screen ? (Photos)

New leaked photos belong to the iPhone 5, Today the photo is showing workers of Wintek checking the touchscreens of the next generation of the iPhone (iPhone 5).

Source of iPhone 5 Picture:

This pic is posted by a Sina Microblog (China’s Twitter-style service) user. From the pic, we see three things. The workers are wearing protective uniforms and masks. They seemed to be checking (or cleaning) the touchscreen component of iPhones. Today, we see these Wintek workers are still working hard to produce touchscreens for Apple. Great.

Looking deeper at the entire row of touchscreens , we see something different — the home button. According to 9to5mac, it’s an elongated gesture home button. Lastly, the size of the screen looks bigger than our iPhone 4 screen. So, this leads to us a new question, are we looking at the touchscreens of the iPhone 5 ? Well, this could be it.

iPhone 5 we are waiting !