iTattoo Cases Make iPhone 4’s Apple Logo Stand Out


Other the years there have been a variety of iPhone cases that have been in the market, some pretty, some interesting and some not so much. Lately there has been spotted a new look for the iPhone that falls under the ‘cool’ category. CultofMac pointed to this interesting link calling it iTattoo. As you can see the different images displayed, there is said to be different styles of the iTattoo.

It’s clear where the name iTattoo came from, it includes  the Apple logo and as if it’s part of the art work on the back of the iPhone. These designs are said to be designed by CEMENT PRODUCE, and that the case it only compatible with the iPhone 4. Users can choose from 6 different designs: Highway, Dress it, It is iPhone, Main Dish, Don’t feed birds, and Keyboard.

However, the iTattoo doesn’t come cheap, it costs $48 plus shipping costs for US residence costing $27, which comes to a total of $80 just for a case that looks cool.


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