It's T-Mobile's Own Fault for Not Getting any iPhones this Fall

We are reporting that Android has dominated T-Mobile networs as 90% of smartphones. However, this does not mean that they will be involved a little with the new iOS.

The Chief Marketing Officer of T-Mobile, Cole Brodman, confirmed while speaking at the GigaOM Mobilize conference that the T-Mobile will not be joining in the iPhone party during the much anticipated launch this fall. There have been rumors for a while that Sprint was keen on making it known that it was getting the iPhone and Brodman and  that it was T-Mobile’s own fault for not getting the iPhone.

“We’d love to have the iPhone whenever Apple makes that available,” Brodman said. “The ball is in Apple’s court.”

T-Mobile was blamed for its poor performance by its partner company, Deutsch Telekom AG, stating that it’s T-Mobile’s fault they are not selling the iPhone. There has been a number of customers that have left the network after discovering they will be uinable to update their cell phones to an iPhone. With the iPhone being the phone with the largest market share in its market T-Mobile must have faced some kind of loss due to the above statements.

With Apple abandoning T-Mobile, Brodman stated that he is hopeful that other smartphones will do well next year, stating in particular he is hopeful for the BlackBerry to make a come back in the coming months and leading up to next year.


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